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The Curly Co. Scalp Massager

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Go ahead. Keep your curls growing strong! The Curly Co. has a new addition to your regular "lather, rinse, repeat" ritual: our scalp-pampering silicone shampoo brush. Made with blunt, massaging bristles and an ergonomic handle, this brush makes sure that even the tightest curls get sudsed, scrubbed, and squeaky-clean right down to the roots. Even better: while they're working your favorite shampoo deep into your tresses, the same special bristles are also stimulating blood flow to your follicles with every stroke, sweeping away dead skin, and clearing the way for your curls to grow longer, stronger, and more lush than ever. Since we know that you'll be searching for ways to show off your curls once they're growing out in their full glory, we're including the The Curly Co. Guide with your order. This essential eBook is spilling over with styling tips, tricks, and tutorials designed just for hair like yours, so your curls can stay the center of attention in all the best ways.