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The Curly Co. Triple Threat

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Go ahead! Give your curls a special treat by adding this trio of hair care essentials to your routine. Use our Silicone Scalp Massager as you shampoo to work the suds right down to the roots of your curls, clear away dead skin and product build up, and stimulate healthy blood flow to your scalp. Then, once you step out of the shower, you can dry off your curls with our luxurious hair towel, which is made of soft microfiber to soothe frizz away and sized to handle even the most voluminous manes. Finally, there's our famous Collapsible Diffuser: compact enough to pack in a bathroom drawer or carry-on bag, and more than capable of defining your curls so you can show their glory off to the whole world. Get yourself all THREE of the top-selling products from The Curly Co. for a steal of a deal!